Emblem of Kosovo

The emblem of the Republic of Kosovo[a] was introduced following the unilateral declaration of independence, issued by representatives of the people of Kosovo in the country's capital on February 17, 2008. It shows six white stars in an arc above a solid golden shape of Kosovo as seen on a standard projection map, placed on a rounded triangular shield with a blue field and a golden border.[1] Its central figures, the stars and the shape, are also the content of the new blue flag of Kosovo, already adopted at the same time.

Emblem of Kosovo
ArmigerRepublic of Kosovo
Adopted17 February 2008; 13 years ago (2008-02-17)


Symbols used during United Nations administration

The Constitutional Charter for Provisional Self-Government in Kosovo, promulgated by United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in May 2001, stated that "The Provisional Institutions of Self-Government shall use only such symbols as are or as may be set forth in UNMIK legislation.[2]

During the period of administration by UNMIK, two regulations relating to the use of symbols were made:

  • UNMIK regulation UNMIK/REG/2000/30[3] (May 20, 2000) "ON STAMPS AND HEADINGS OF OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS OF COURTS, PROSECUTORS’ OFFICES AND PENAL ESTABLISHMENTS" states that the seals and letter heads of courts and penal establishments should contain "The emblem of the United Nations with “UNMIK” added to the top of the emblem" and the word "“Kosovo” in Albanian, Serbian and English"
  • ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTION NO. 2003/15[4][5] (July 2, 2003) "IMPLEMENTING UNMIK REGULATION NO. 2001/9 ON A CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR PROVISIONAL SELF-GOVERNMENT IN KOSOVO" Establishes an approved logo for the Provisional Institutions of Self Government.

The emblem of the Provisional Institutions for Self Government depicted a map of Kosovo in gold on a blue background surround by two olive branches, in the style of those found used in the emblem of the United Nations, above which were three gold stars and three double spirals ornamentation which is a traditional symbol of ancient Dardania and represents the rotating sun.

Municipal emblems

The Municipalities of Kosovo have each adopted distinct coats or arms, seals or emblems.

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