Collectivity of Saint Martin

The Collectivity of Saint Martin (French: Collectivité de Saint-Martin), commonly known as simply Saint Martin (Saint-Martin), is an overseas collectivity of France in the West Indies in the Caribbean.[2] With a population of 34,065 as of January 2018[1] on an area of 53.2 square kilometres (20.5 sq mi), it encompasses the northern 60% of the divided island of Saint Martin, and some neighbouring islets, the largest of which is Île Tintamarre. The southern 40% of the island of Saint Martin constitutes Sint Maarten, which has been a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands[2] since 2010. This marks the only place in the world where France borders the Netherlands.

Saint Martin
Collectivity of Saint Martin
Collectivité de Saint-Martin
Anthem: "La Marseillaise"
Territorial song: "O Sweet Saint Martin's Land"
Location of Saint Martin in the Leeward Islands
Sovereign stateFrance
Partition of island23 March 1648
Separated from Guadeloupe15 July 2007
and largest city
Official languagesFrench
GovernmentDevolved parliamentary dependency
Emmanuel Macron
Sylvie Feucher
 President of the
Territorial Council
Daniel Gibbs
French Parliament
1 senator (of 377)
1 seat shared with Saint Barthélemy (of 577)
53.2 km2 (20.5 sq mi)
 Water (%)
 2018 census
640/km2 (1,657.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2005 estimate
Time zoneUTC-4:00 (AST)
Driving sideright
Calling code+590
ISO 3166 code
Internet TLD

Before 2007, the French region of Saint Martin formed a part of the French overseas department and region of Guadeloupe. Saint Martin is separated from the island of Anguilla by the Anguilla Channel.[3] Its capital is Marigot.[2]