Colombia Davis Cup team

The Colombia Davis Cup team represents Colombia in Davis Cup tennis competition and are governed by the Federación Colombiana de Tenis.

CaptainPablo González
ITF ranking18 1
Colorsblue & white
First year1959
Years played51
Ties played (W–L)107 (56–51)
Best finishWG Play-offs (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018)
Most total winsMauricio Hadad (35–11)
Most singles winsSantiago Giraldo (26–12)
Most doubles winsMauricio Hadad (12–6)
Miguel Tobon (12–8)
Best doubles teamJuan Sebastián Cabal/Robert Farah (9–5)
Most ties playedAlejandro Falla (27)
Most years playedAlejandro Falla (15)

Colombia currently competes in the Americas Zone of Group I and have never competed in the World Group. In 2018, they have reached the Play-offs to the World Group for the sixth time. For the first time in its history, Colombia advances to the World Group, winning 4–0 to Sweden in the Play-off in 2019 Davis Cup.


Colombia competed in its first Davis Cup in 1959 Davis Cup.

Current team (2019)

Santiago Giraldo
Alejandro Falla
Alejandro González
Juan Sebastián Cabal
Robert Farah

The 109 Series of the Davis Cup Team of Colombia in history

Year # Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
195911959 Davis CupMay 1–3Beirut, Lebanon Lebanon[1]4–1European Round Round I
195921959 Davis CupMay 14–16Bournemouth, England South Africa0–5European Round Round I
196131961 Davis CupApril 29 – May 1Guayaquil, Ecuador Ecuador0–5First round
196941969 Davis CupMay 2–5Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela3–2First round
196951969 Davis CupMay 16–18Bogotá, Colombia Brazil2–3Second round
197061970 Davis CupApril 4–6Bogotá, Colombia Ecuador3–2First round
197071970 Davis CupApril 11–13Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay5–0Second round
197081970 Davis CupJune 14–16Bogotá, Colombia Brazil2–3Third round
197191971 Davis CupMarch 19–21Bogotá, Colombia Chile2–3First round
1972101972 Davis CupMarch 20–22Guayaquil, Ecuador Ecuador4–1First round
1972111972 Davis CupApril 8–10Santiago, Chile Chile1–4Second round
1973121973 Davis CupFebruary 23–25Bogotá, Colombia Canada4–1First round
1973131973 Davis CupMarch 9–11Bogotá, Colombia West Indies3–2Second round
1973141973 Davis CupMarch 23–25Ciudad de México, México Mexico0–5Third round
1974151974 Davis CupNovember 23–25Bogotá, Colombia Venezuela3–2First round
1974161974 Davis CupDecember 7–9Cali, Colombia Mexico4–1Second round
1974171974 Davis CupJanuary 11–13Bogotá, Colombia United States4–1Third round
1974181974 Davis CupMay 10–12Bogotá, Colombia South Africa2–3Final Interzonal
1976191976 Davis CupOctober 17–19Montreal, Canada Canada0–5First round
1977201977 Davis CupOctober 8–10Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela2–3First round
1978211978 Davis CupDecember 15–17Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa1–4First round
1979221979 Davis CupOctober 27–29Bogotá, Colombia Venezuela4–1First round
1979231979 Davis CupDecember 8–10Ciudad de México, México Mexico3–2Second round
1979241979 Davis CupMarch 16–18Cleveland, United States United States0–5Third round
1980251980 Davis CupOctober 27–29Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela1–4First round
1981261981 Davis CupJanuary 9–11Bogotá, Colombia Canada3–2First round
1981271981 Davis CupFebruary 13–15Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela5–0Second round
1981281981 Davis CupMarch 6–8Bogotá, Colombia Chile2–3Continue Group I
1982291982 Davis CupJune 22–24Bogotá, Colombia West Indies5–0First round
1982301982 Davis CupMarch 5–7Montreal, Canada Canada1–3Second round
1983311983 Davis CupMarch 4–6Bogotá, Colombia Brazil0–5First round
1984321984 Davis CupJanuary 13–15Santiago de Chile, Chile Chile0–5First round
1985331985 Davis CupMarch 8–10Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay3–2First round
1985341985 Davis CupAugust 2–4Porto Alegre, Brazil Brazil1–4First round
1986351986 Davis CupMarch 7–9Bogotá, Colombia Peru0–4First round
1987361987 Davis CupJan 30 – Febr. 1Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay0–5Relegated Group II
1988371988 Davis CupFebruary 5–7Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela1–4First round Group II
1989381989 Davis CupFebruary 3–5Bogotá, Colombia Cuba1–4First round Group II
1990391990 Davis CupFebruary 2–4Cali, Colombia Guatemala4–1First round Group II
1990401990 Davis CupMarch 30 – April 1S. Domingo, R. Dominicana Dominican Republic4–1Second round Group II
1990411990 Davis CupJune 15–17Saint Peter, Barbados Barbados4–1Third round Group II
1990421990 Davis CupJuly 20–22Havanna, Cuba Cuba2–3Continue Group II
1991431991 Davis CupFebruary 2–4Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica3–2First round Group II
1991441991 Davis CupMarch 29–31Saint John, West Indies West Indies5–0Second round Group II
1991451991 Davis CupJuly 19–21Cali, Colombia Bahamas4–1Third round Group II
1991461991 Davis CupSeptember 20–22Medellín, Colombia Chile1–3Continue Group II
1992471992 Davis CupJan 31 – Febr. 2Cali, Colombia Barbados5–0First round Group II
1992481992 Davis CupMarch 27–29Cali, Colombia Venezuela2–3Continue Group II
1993491993 Davis CupFebruary 5–7Lima, Perú Peru2–3First round Group II
1993501993 Davis CupMarch 26–28Bogotá, Colombia Dominican Republic4–1Continue Group II
1994511994 Davis CupFebruary 3–5C. de Guatemala, Guatemala Guatemala5–0First round Group II
1994521994 Davis CupMarch 25–27Bogotá, Colombia Canada2–3Continue Group II
1995531995 Davis CupFebruary 3–5Asunción, Paraguay Paraguay3–2First round Group II
1995541995 Davis CupMarch 31 – April 2Kelowna, Canada Canada0–5Continue Group II
1996551996 Davis CupFebruary 9–11Bogotá, Colombia Puerto Rico5–0First round Group II
1996561996 Davis CupSeptember 20–22Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay2–3Continue Group II
1997571997 Davis CupFebruary 7–9San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico3–2First round Group II
1997581997 Davis CupApril 4–6Cali, Colombia Peru5–0Second round Group II
1997591997 Davis CupSeptember 19–21Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay4–1Advanced Group I
1998601998 Davis CupFebruary 13–15Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina0–5First round Group I
1998611998 Davis CupApril 2–4Santiago de Chile, Chile Chile0–5Second round Group I
1998621998 Davis CupSeptember 25–27Cali, Colombia Mexico3–2First round Group I
1999631999 Davis CupFebruary 12–14Cali, Colombia Canada3–2First round Group I
1999641999 Davis CupApril 2–4Bogotá, Colombia Chile0–5Continue Group I
2000652000 Davis CupFebruary 4–6Bogotá, Colombia Ecuador0–5First round Group I
2000662000 Davis CupJuly 21–23Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas2–3Second round Group I
2000672000 Davis CupOctober 6–8Bogotá, Colombia Argentina1–4Relegated Group II
2001682001 Davis CupFebruary 9–11Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay1–3First round Group II
2001692001 Davis CupApril 6–8Bogotá, Colombia Costa Rica5–0Continue Group II
2002702002 Davis CupFebruary 8–10Villavicencio, Colombia Cuba5–0First round Group II
2002712002 Davis CupApril 5–7Villavicencio, Colombia Uruguay2–3Continue Group II
2003722003 Davis CupFebruary 7–9La Habana, Cuba Cuba0–5First round Group II
2003732003 Davis CupApril 4–6Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay2–3Relegated Group III
2004742004 Davis CupFebruary 4Tegucigalpa, Honduras Honduras3–0First round Group III
2004752004 Davis CupFebruary 5Tegucigalpa, Honduras Panama3–0First round Group III
2004762004 Davis CupFebruary 6Tegucigalpa, Honduras Bolivia3–0First round Group III
2004772004 Davis CupFebruary 7Tegucigalpa, Honduras Netherlands Antilles3–0Second round Group III
2004782004 Davis CupFebruary 8Tegucigalpa, Honduras El Salvador3–0Advanced Group II
2005792005 Davis CupMarch 4–6Bogotá, Colombia Brazil0–5First round Group II
2005802005 Davis CupJuly 15–17Bogotá, Colombia Bahamas5–0Continue Group II
2006812006 Davis CupFebruary 10–12Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay4–1First round Group II
2006822006 Davis CupApril 7–9Bogotá, Colombia Paraguay4–1Second round Group II
2006832006 Davis CupApril 7–9S. Domingo, R. Dominicana Dominican Republic5–0Advanced Group I
2007842007 Davis CupFebruary 9–11Calgary, Canada Canada0–5First round Group I
2007852007 Davis CupSeptember 21–23Valencia, Venezuela Venezuela4–1Continue Group I
2008862008 Davis CupFebruary 8–10Punta del Este, Uruguay Uruguay3–2First round Group I
2008872008 Davis CupApril 11–13Sorocaba, Brazil Brazil1–4Continue Group I
2009882009 Davis CupMarch 8–10Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay5–0First round Group I
2009892009 Davis CupMay 8–10Tunja, Colombia Brazil1–4Continue Group I
2010902010 Davis CupMarch 5–7Bogotá, Colombia Canada4–1World Group Play-offs
2010912010 Davis CupSeptember 17–19Bogotá, Colombia United States1–3Continue Group I
2011922011 Davis CupApril 4–6Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay1–4Continue Group I
2011932011 Davis CupOctober 28–30Ciudad de México, México Mexico5–0First round Group I
2012942012 Davis CupFebruary 10–12Salinas, Ecuador Ecuador4–1First round Group I
2012952012 Davis CupApril 4–6São José do Rio Preto, Brazil Brazil1–4Second round Group I
2013962013 Davis CupApril 4–6Bogotá, Colombia Uruguay5–0World Group Play-offs
2013972013 Davis CupSeptember 13–15Tokyo, Japón Japan2–3Continue Group I
2014982014 Davis CupApril 4–6Cali, Colombia Dominican Republic4–1World Group Play-offs
2014992014 Davis CupSeptember 12–14Halifax, Canada Canada2–3Continue Group I
20151002015 Davis CupMarch 6–8Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay3–2World Group Play-offs
20151012015 Davis CupSeptember 18–20Pereira, Colombia Japan2–3Continue Group I
20161022016 Davis CupJuly 15–18Pereira, Colombia Chile1–3Second round Group I
20161032016 Davis CupSeptember 16–18S. Caballeros, R. Dominicana Dominican Republic4–1Continue Group I
20171042017 Davis CupApril 7–9Medellín, Colombia Chile3–1World Group Play-offs
20171052017 Davis CupSeptember 15–17Bogotá, Colombia Croatia1–4Continue Group I
20181062018 Davis CupFebruary 2–3Saint Michael, Barbados Barbados4–0Second round Group I
20181072018 Davis CupApril 6–7Barranquilla, Colombia Brazil3–2World Group Play-offs
20181082018 Davis CupSeptember 14–16San Juan, Argentina Argentina0–4World Group Play-offs
20191092019 Davis CupFebruary 2–3Bogotá, Colombia Sweden4–0World Group

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