The Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties, commonly known as Cominform, was the official central organization of the International Communist Movement from 1947 to 1956,[1] as an inexplicit successor to the Third International, otherwise known as Comintern. Cominform was a supranational alliance of Marxist-Leninist communist parties in Europe to coordinate their activity under the direction of the Soviet Union during the early Cold War. Cominform became de facto inactive in Soviet affairs from 1950 and dissolved during de-Stalinization in 1956.

Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties
FoundedOctober 5, 1947
DissolvedApril 17, 1956
Preceded byComintern
HeadquartersBelgrade, Yugoslavia (1947–1948)
Bucharest, Romania (1948–1956)
NewspaperFor a Lasting Peace, for a People's Democracy!
Colours  Red