Commons Select Committee on Standards

The Commons Select Committee on Standards is appointed by the House of Commons to oversee the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

The House of Commons may suspend an MP following a report by the Committee. Under the Recall of MPs Act 2015, if the period of suspension is at least 14 calendar days or 10 sitting days, the Speaker informs the constituency's petitions officer, who then orders a recall petition, which may result in the MP losing their seat.


It came into being on 7 January 2013 as one half of the replacements for the Committee on Standards and Privileges. The latter committee was divided into the Committee on Standards and Committee of Privileges in order that the Standards Committee might employ lay members.


The Committee and its composition are regulated by House of Commons standing orders 149 and 149A, which specify that it shall consist of seven MPs and seven lay members. Lay members, who cannot ever have been members of either house of Parliament, serve a term of six years, which is not ended by a dissolution, and cannot serve a second term. As of September 2020, the MPs on the committee are as follows:[1]

Member Party Constituency
Chris Bryant MP (Chair) Labour Rhondda
Alberto Costa MP Conservative South Leicestershire
Andy Carter MP Conservative Warrington South
Anne McLaughlin MP Scottish National Party Glasgow North East
Sir Bernard Jenkin MP Conservative Harwich and North Essex
Chris Elmore MP Labour Ogmore
Mark Fletcher MP Conservative Bolsover

The committee has six lay members as of May 2021: Tammy Banks, Jane Burgess, Rita Dexter, Arun Midha, Paul Thorogood, and Michael Maguire.


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