Communion of Western Orthodox Churches

The Communion of Western Orthodox Churches (CWOC; French: Communion des Églises orthodoxes occidentales, CEOO), also known as the Western Orthodox Church, is a communion of Christian churches of Orthodox tradition, standing alongside the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox communions. The Western Orthodox communion is distinguished by its adherence to the liturgical and spiritual customs of western Christianity.

Communion of Western Orthodox Churches
Communion des Églises Orthodoxes Occidentales
TypeWestern Orthodox Communion
ClassificationWestern Orthodox
RegionMainly: France
Minority: Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Australia, United States, Brazil, and Martinique [citation needed]
LanguageFrench and English
LiturgyGallican Rite, Latin Rite,
(rarely) Byzantine Rite/West Syriac Rite
OriginDecember 25, 2007
MembersLower than 10,000
Other name(s)Western Orthodox Church
Official website