Communist Party of Canada

The Communist Party of Canada (French: Parti communiste du Canada) is a communist party in Canada, founded in 1921 under conditions of illegality. Although it is now a federal political party without any parliamentary representation, the party's candidates have been elected to the Parliament of Canada, the Ontario legislature, the Manitoba legislature, and various municipal governments across the country. The party has also contributed significantly to trade union organizing and labour history in Canada, peace and anti-war activism, and many other social movements.[1]

Communist Party of Canada
Parti communiste du Canada
AbbreviationCPC (English)
PCC (French)
LeaderElizabeth Rowley
FoundedMay 28, 1921; 100 years ago (1921-05-28)
Headquarters290 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1N6
NewspaperPeople's Voice
Youth wingYoung Communist League (autonomous affiliate)
Political positionFar-left
International affiliation
0 / 105
House of Commons
0 / 338

The Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest active party after the Liberal Party of Canada. In 1993 the party was de-registered and had its assets seized, forcing it to begin what would be a successful thirteen-year political and legal battle to maintain the registration of small political parties in Canada. The campaign culminated with the final decision of Figueroa v. Canada (AG), changing the legal definition of a political party in Canada.[2] Despite its continued presence as a registered political party, the Communist Party of Canada places the vast majority of its emphasis on extra-parliamentary activity that it calls "the labour and people's movements", as reflected in its programme "Canada's Future is Socialism".