Municipalities and communities of Greece

The municipalities of Greece (Greek: δήμοι, romanized: dímoi [ˈðimi]) are the lowest level of government within the organizational structure of the state. Since the entry into force of the "Kallikratis" reform on 1 January 2011, there are 325 municipalities. Thirteen administrative regions form the second-level unit of government. The regions consist of 74 regional units, which mostly correspond to the old prefectures. Regional units are then divided into municipalities. The new municipalities may be subdivided into municipal units (δημοτικές ενότητες, dimotikés enótites), consisting of the pre-Kallikratis municipalities. These were further subdivided into municipal communities (δημοτικές κοινότητες, dimotikés koinótites) and local communities (τοπικές κοινότητες, topikés koinótites) according to population, but are simply named communities (κοινότητες, koinótites) since the entry into force of the "Cleisthenes I" reform on 1 September 2019.[1]

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