Communization (or communisation in British English) mainly refers to a contemporary communist theory in which there is a mixing-up of insurrectionist anarchism, the communist ultra-left, post-autonomists, anti-political currents, groups like the Invisible Committee, as well as more explicitly ‘communizing’ currents, such as Théorie Communiste. "Obviously at the heart of the word is communism and, as the shift to communization suggests, communism as a particular activity and process..."[1] It is important to note the big differences in perception and usage. Some groups start out from an activist voluntarism (Tiqqun, Invisible Committee), while others derive communization as an historical and social result emerging out of capital's development over the last decades (Endnotes, Théorie Communiste). Endnotes totally distinguishes itself from the mixing of all sorts of meanings of the word communization and explicitly refers to the different reception in the Anglophone world as opposed to the original French milieu from which it emerged as a critique.[2]