The Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata (Latin: Congregatio a Ss. Stigmatibus) commonly called Stigmatines is a Catholic clerical religious congregation for men. Its members add the nominal letters C.S.S. after their names to indicate that they are members of the Congregation.

Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata
Congregatio a Ss. Stigmatibus (Latin)[1]
AbbreviationPost-nominal letters: C.S.S.[2]
FormationNovember 4, 1816; 205 years ago (1816-11-04)[4]
FounderSaint Fr. Gaspar Louis Bertoni, C.S.S.[5]
Founded atVerona, Italy
TypeClerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)[6]
HeadquartersGeneral Motherhouse
Via Mazzarino 16, 00184 Rome, Italy[7] [8]
403 members (316 priests) as of 2018[9]
Superior General
Fr. Rubens Sodré Miranda, C.S.S.[10]
Parish work
AffiliationsRoman Catholic Church

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