Constitution of Victoria

The Constitution of Victoria is the Constitution of the State of Victoria, Australia. The current Constitution was enacted in 1975, and has been amended several times.

Constitution Act 1975
Parliament of Victoria
  • An Act to re-enact the Law relating to the Constitution of the State of Victoria and for other purposes
CitationNo. 8750 of 1975
Territorial extentVictoria
Enacted byLegislative Assembly
Enacted8 May 1975[1]
Enacted byLegislative Council
Enacted8 May 1975
Royal assent22 October 1975[2]
Commenced1 December 1975
Legislative history
Bill introduced in the Legislative AssemblyConstitution Bill
Introduced byVernon Wilcox
First reading9 April 1975[3]
Second reading15 April–1 May 1975
Third reading1 May 1975
Bill introduced in the Legislative CouncilConstitution Bill
Introduced byAlan Hunt
First reading1 May 1975[4]
Second reading6[5]–8 May 1975
Third reading8 May 1975[6]
The Constitution Act Amendment Act 1958 (No. 6224)
Solicitor-General Act 1958 (No. 6374)
Supreme Court Act 1958 (No. 6387)
Victorian Constitution Act 1855 (No. 184 of 1855, UK)
Amended by
120+ amendments
Status: Amended

Since 1901 Victoria has been a State of the Commonwealth of Australia, and its relationship with the Commonwealth is regulated by the Australian Constitution. The jurisdiction of the Victorian Parliament to make laws and the laws of Victoria are subject to limitations imposed by the Australian Constitution.

The Victorian Constitution is based on principles of the Westminster system of responsible government, as modified due to Victoria being a state within a federation of Australia.