Costa Daurada

The Costa Daurada (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkɔstə ðəwˈɾaðə], Spanish: Costa Dorada, meaning in English "Golden Coast") is an area on the coast of Catalonia, Spain, between Cunit and Alcanar on the Mediterranean Sea.

Torn Beach (platja del Torn), near Hospitalet del Infante

Its traditional banks are the deltas of the Foix and Ebro rivers, although it mainly refers to the entire province of Tarragona. To the north it borders the Garraf coast and to the south with the Azahar coast.

Some places of interest should be noted, such as the El Vendrell beaches, the town of Roc de San Gaieta, the Roman Arch of Bará, the remains of Tarraco, declared a World Heritage Site and as well as several small towns or places such as Sant Carles de la Ràpita, with one of the best fishing ports in this entire coastal sector. Inlands, the walled town of Montblanc and the Poblet Abbey stand out, where various kings of the Crown of Aragon lie.

Another tourist attraction on the Costa Dorada is the PortAventura World amusement park.

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