County Borough of Salford

Salford was, from 1844 to 1974, a local government district in the county of Lancashire in the northwest of England, covering the city of Salford.[1] It was granted city status in 1926.

City of Salford
County Borough of Salford

Salford Town Hall (until 31 March 1974)
  18615,170 acres (2,090 ha)
  19215,202 acres (2,105 ha)
  19615,205 acres (2,106 ha)
  Created1844; 178 years ago (1844)
  Abolished1974; 48 years ago (1974)
  Succeeded byCity of Salford
StatusMunicipal borough 1844–1889
County borough 1889–1974 & City 1926–1974
  MottoIntegrity and Industry

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