County Londonderry

County Londonderry (Ulster-Scots: Coontie Lunnonderrie), also known as County Derry (Irish: Contae Dhoire), is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, one of the thirty two counties of Ireland and one of the nine counties of Ulster. Before the partition of Ireland, it was one of the counties of the Kingdom of Ireland from 1613 onward and then of the United Kingdom after the Acts of Union 1800. Adjoining the north-west shore of Lough Neagh, the county covers an area of 2,118 km2 (818 sq mi) and today has a population of about 247,132.

County Londonderry
Contae Dhoire
Coontie Lunnonderrie
The Oak Leaf County
Auxilium A Domino  (Latin)
"Help comes from the Lord"
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionNorthern Ireland
County townColeraine
  Total818 sq mi (2,118 km2)
Area rank15th
Highest elevation2,224 ft (678 m)
Time zoneUTC±0 (GMT)
  Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)
Postcode area
Contae Dhoire[3] is the Irish name; Coontie Lunnonderrie is its name in Ulster Scots.[4]

Since 1972, the counties in Northern Ireland, including Londonderry, have no longer been used by the state as part of the local administration. Following further reforms in 2015, the area is now governed under three different districts; Derry and Strabane, Causeway Coast and Glens and Mid-Ulster. Despite no longer being used for local government and administrative purposes, it is sometimes used in a cultural context in All-Ireland sporting and cultural events (i.e. Derry GAA).

Since 1981, it has become one of four counties in Northern Ireland that has a Catholic majority (55.56% according to the 2001 Census[5]), with 57% of the Catholic population residing within the territory of Derry City Council.[5] The county flower is the purple saxifrage.[6]