County administrative boards of Sweden

A county administrative board (Swedish: länsstyrelse) is a Swedish Government Agency in each of the counties of Sweden, led by a vice-regal governor (Swedish: landshövding) appointed by the government for a term of six years. The lists of gubernatorial officeholders, in most cases, stretches back to 1634 when the counties were created by Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna.

The main responsibilities of the county administrative board is to coordinate the development of the county in line with goals set in national politics. In each county there is also a County Council which is a policy-making assembly elected by the residents of the county.

The capital of a county is in Swedish called residensstad ("residence city") because it is the seat of residence of the governor.

County County administrative board Capital Governor
1.BlekingeBlekinge BoardKarlskronaSten Nordin (list)
2.DalarnaDalarna BoardFalunYlva Thörn (list)
3.GotlandGotland BoardVisbyAnders Flanking (list)
4.GävleborgGävleborg BoardGävlePer Bill (list)
5.HallandHalland BoardHalmstadLena Sommestad (list)
6.JämtlandJämtland BoardÖstersundJöran Hägglund (list)
7.JönköpingJönköping BoardJönköpingHelena Jonsson (list)
8.KalmarKalmar BoardKalmarThomas Carlzon (list)
9.KronobergKronoberg BoardVäxjöIngrid Burman (list)
10.NorrbottenNorrbotten BoardLuleåBjörn O. Nilsson (list)
11.SkåneSkåne BoardMalmöAnneli Hulthén (list)
12.StockholmStockholm BoardStockholmSven-Erik Österberg (list)
13.SödermanlandSödermanland BoardNyköpingLiselott Hagberg (list)
14.UppsalaUppsala BoardUppsalaGöran Enander (list)
15.VärmlandVärmland BoardKarlstadJohan Blom, acting (list)
16.VästerbottenVästerbotten BoardUmeåMagdalena Andersson (list)
17.VästernorrlandVästernorrland BoardHärnösandBerit Högman (list)
18.VästmanlandVästmanland BoardVästeråsMinoo Akhtarzand (list)
19.Västra GötalandVästra Götaland BoardGothenburgAnders Danielsson (list)
20.ÖrebroÖrebro BoardÖrebroMaria Larsson (list)
21.ÖstergötlandÖstergötland BoardLinköpingCarl Fredrik Graf (list)

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