County of Burgundy

The Free County of Burgundy or Franche-Comté (French: Franche Comté de Bourgogne; German: Freigrafschaft Burgund), was a medieval county (from 982 to 1678) of the Holy Roman Empire, predecessor to the modern region of Franche-Comté. The name franc(he) comté derives from the title of its count, franc comte, in German Freigraf 'free count', denoting imperial immediacy. It should not be confused with the more westerly Duchy of Burgundy, a fiefdom of France since 843.

(Free) County of Burgundy
Comté de Bourgogne (fr)
Freigrafschaft Burgund (de)
Top: Flag with arms adopted in 16th century
Bottom: Flag of the county ruled by Habsburgs, who claimed themselves as dukes of Burgundy
Coat of arms
Duchy (left) and County (right) of Burgundy in the 14th century
StatusPart of Upper Burgundy and
the Kingdom of Burgundy-Arles,
then state of the Holy Roman Empire
GovernmentFeudal County
Historical era


 Ceded to Habsburgs

 Ceded to France
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Burgundy-Arles
Franche-Comté (province)
Free Imperial City of Besançon