County of Dufferin

The County of Dufferin is one of the 49 counties of South Australia on the state's west coast.[1] It was proclaimed in 1889 and named for Frederick, Lord Dufferin, a prominent British diplomat of the day.[1]

South Australia
Coordinates32.177°S 134.609°E / -32.177; 134.609
Area6,790 square kilometres (2,623 sq mi)[1]
LGA(s)District Council of Ceduna
District Council of Streaky Bay
Lands administrative divisions around Dufferin:
Way Dufferin Bosanquet
Ocean Robinson Bosanquet

It covers a portion of the state adjoining the west coast north of Streaky Bay, including all but the western tip of Pureba Conservation Park.[1] This includes parts of the contemporary local government areas of Ceduna District and Streaky Bay District councils.

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