County of Holland

The County of Holland was a State of the Holy Roman Empire and from 1433 part of the Burgundian Netherlands, from 1482 part of the Habsburg Netherlands and from 1581 onward the leading province of the Dutch Republic, of which it remained a part until the Batavian Revolution in 1795. The territory of the County of Holland corresponds roughly with the current provinces of North Holland and South Holland in the Netherlands.

County of Holland
Comitatus Hollandiae  (Latin)
Graafschap Holland  (Dutch)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Vigilate Deo confidentes" (Latin)
"Watch, trusting in God"
The County of Holland around 1350.
StatusState of the Holy Roman Empire
part of the Burgundian Netherlands (1433–1482)
part of the Habsburg Netherlands (1482–1581)
part of the Dutch Republic (1581–1795)
CapitalThe Hague
Common languagesOld Frisian
Old Dutch
Middle Dutch
Roman Catholic
Dutch Reformed
GovernmentFeudal monarchy
Gerolf (first)
Phillip II (last)
Hugo (first)
William III (last)
Historical eraMiddle Ages, Renaissance, Modern
11th century
26 July 1581
18 January 1795
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Lower Lorraine
Batavian Republic