Court of Appeal of New Zealand

The Court of Appeal of New Zealand is the principal intermediate appellate court of New Zealand. It is also the final appellate court for a number of matters. In practice, most appeals are resolved at this intermediate appellate level, rather than in the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeal has existed as a separate court since 1862 but, until 1957, it was composed of judges of the High Court sitting periodically in panels. In 1957 the Court of Appeal was reconstituted as a permanent court separate from the High Court. It is located in Wellington.

Court of Appeal of New Zealand
Te Kōti Pīra o Aotearoa (Māori)
LocationCnr Molesworth & Aitken Streets, Wellington
Composition methodAppointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Attorney-General
Authorized bySenior Courts Act 2016
Appeals toSupreme Court of New Zealand
Appeals from
Number of positions10
President of the Court of Appeal of New Zealand
CurrentlyThe Hon. Justice Stephen Kós, QC
Since22 July 2016