Cricket whites

Cricket whites,[1] also known as flannels, the kit, costume or uniform worn by most cricketers, and usually consists of trousers, shirt and a jumper.

New Zealand cricketers wearing cricket whites

Originally, as indicated by the name whites, flannels were exclusively white or cream. Today, many competitions (particularly in the shortened one-day version of cricket) are played in coloured kit, also sometimes known as pyjamas.

Flannels were originally made from a variety of flannel materials. Typically, modern flannels will have trousers made with a high elastic content, to prevent damage while fielding. Shirts and jumpers can be short or long-sleeved, the former being particularly favoured by bowlers. Wicketkeepers mostly wear long-sleeved shirts, in order to avoid abrasions from the grass when diving for the ball, which is also true for some players while batting due to a similar risk. Jumpers are traditionally made with a cable-knit design.

The term flannels is also used in baseball, especially in a historical context when the uniforms were made of wool flannel.

At the international level, whites are only worn during Test cricket. One Day International and Twenty20 matches are played with the teams wearing team uniforms in particular colours. One-Day Internationals were first played in whites but since December 2000 all ODI cricket has been played in coloured clothing – for example, the Black Caps of New Zealand currently wear a black uniform when playing a one-day match.

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