Croatian Navy

The Croatian Navy (Croatian: Hrvatska ratna mornarica or HRM) is a branch of the Croatian Armed Forces. It was formed in 1991 from what Croatian forces managed to capture from the Yugoslav Navy during the Breakup of Yugoslavia and Croatian War of Independence. In addition to mobile coastal missile launchers, today it operates 30 vessels, divided into the Navy Flotilla for traditional naval duties, and the Croatian Coast Guard. Five missile boats form Croatian fleet's main offensive capability.

Croatian Navy
Croatian: Hrvatska ratna mornarica
Emblem of the Croatian Navy
Country Croatia
Size2,442 personnel[1]
30 vessels
Part ofArmed Forces of Croatia
H/QLora naval base, Split
PatronSaint Nicholas
MarchMi smo hrvatski mornari (We are Croatian sailors)
AnniversariesSeptember 18 - first recorded Croatian naval victory (under duke Branimir against Venetians near Makarska in 887)
EngagementsCroatian War of Independence
Operation Atalanta
Operation Triton
Commander Commodore Ivo Raffanelli
Deputy Commander,
Chief of Naval Staff
Ship-of-the-line cpt. Milan Blažević
Fleet Admiral Sveto Letica, Admiral Vid Stipetić, Viceadmiral Zdravko Kardum, Rear Admiral Janko Vuković
Naval Ensign
Naval Jack