Current Affairs (magazine)

Current Affairs is an American bimonthly magazine that discusses political and cultural topics from a left-wing, progressive perspective.[2] The magazine is published in print and online, and also has a podcast. It was founded by Nathan J. Robinson in 2015.[3][4]

Current Affairs
Editor-in-chiefNathan J. Robinson[1]
Senior editorBrianna Rennix[1]
Amusements & managing editorLyta Gold[1]
Newsletter editorNick Slater[1]
Associate editorVanessa A. Bee[1]
Legal editorOren Nimni[1]
CategoriesPolitics, culture
FounderNathan J. Robinson
Year founded2015
CompanyCurrent Affairs, LLC
CountryUnited States
Based inNew Orleans, Louisiana

The magazine's described missions are "to produce the world's first readable political publication and to make life joyful again".[5] Its format is influenced by magazines such as Jacobin and Spy.[6] The print edition features colorful cartoons and full-page illustrations by various artists who are prominently credited for their work. Public figures such as Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald have praised the magazine.[7]

Essays in Current Affairs include critiques and history of popular culture,[8][9][10] discussions of policy and its implementation,[11][12] and proposals for solutions to societal problems.[13][14] The magazine has also published long deconstructions of works by popular writers such as Charles Murray,[15] Tucker Carlson,[16] Jordan Peterson,[17] Sam Harris,[18] and Steven Pinker.[19]

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