Cymru South

The Cymru South[1] is a regional football league in Wales, covering the southern half of the country. It has semi-professional status clubs and together with the Cymru North, it forms the second tier of the Welsh football league system.

Cymru South
Country Wales
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toCymru Premier
Relegation toArdal Leagues
Domestic cup(s)Welsh League Cup
Welsh Cup
Current championsLlantwit Major (1st title)
TV partnersS4C
Current: 2021–22 Cymru South

The first year of its operation was in 2019–20 with the Football Association of Wales owning and administering the tier 2 leagues for the first time. These changes followed on from a review of the Welsh Football Pyramid.[2] Prior to 2019, the equivalent league was the Welsh Football League Division One, covering South Wales.

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