D'Urville River

The D'Urville River is in the South Island of New Zealand.

D'Urville River
CountryNew Zealand
Physical characteristics
  locationSpenser Mountains
  elevation1,480 m (4,860 ft)
Lake Rotoroa
420 m (1,380 ft)
Length26 km (16 mi)

It lies within the Nelson Lakes National Park and flows north for 26 kilometres (16 mi) between the Ella and Mahanga ranges into Lake Rotoroa.[1] It is one of the smaller rivers in the Buller River system. The river was named after the French navigator Jules Dumont d'Urville by Julius von Haast.[2]

Brown and rainbow trout can be fished in the D'Urville River.[3]

A tramping track runs along the river.[4]


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