D100 Radio

D100 is an Internet radio station in Hong Kong, which was established by Lam Yuk-wah, Albert Cheng and Morris Ho. The radio station was established due to the closure of Digital Broadcasting Corporation.

D100 Radio
IndustryInternet radio
FoundedDecember 17, 2012; 8 years ago (2012-12-17) in Hong Kong
FoundersAlbert Cheng
Lam Yuk Wah
Morris Ho
Cyberport, Hong Kong
ProductsInternet radio
Internet TV
Number of employees
150 (approx.)


Albert Cheng was prompted to establish D100 due to a management dispute at the Digital Broadcasting Corporation (DBC). The other shareholders refused to invest in the station as originally planned, and leaked recordings suggested this was due to interference by the Liaison Office over Cheng's decision to hire a pro-democracy radio host. Cheng thus left the station to found D100.[1] DBC closed in 2016.


The station operates four Internet radio channels, namely:

Telephone broadcasting

Speaker phone being used to listen to D100 via a telephone line

In order to increase coverage, a telephone line (+852 1831100) is set up to provide an alternative way for live listening. By this method, radio channel is transmitted through telephone line, not internet, this allows people with no or limited internet access can also listen to D100 Radio. As all land line telephone service providers in Hong Kong only charge a fixed monthly fee and provide unlimited connection time, any household in Hong Kong installed with a land line and a speaker phone can make use of this method to listen D100 Radio without any additional cost.


D100 is located in Cyberport. The broadcaster donates office space free of charge to Hong Kong Free Press, a non-profit English language news website.