Dairy Flat

Dairy Flat is a northern rural district located 8 km south of Orewa in the North Island of New Zealand and 28 km north of central Auckland. Until the early 1990s most of the district was in dairy farms of 40 to 60 hectares (100 to 150 acres), but with the growth of Auckland City and the extension of the Northern Motorway into the area, these are being gradually overtime subdivided into lifestyle blocks of around 2 to 5 hectares (5 to 12 acres), many of which are grazing sheep, horses, beef cattle or deer. Although it still retains a rural character, it is counted as part of the Auckland urban area in official statistics.

Dairy Flat
Coordinates: 36.663°S 174.6393°E / -36.663; 174.6393
CountryNew Zealand
Community boardRodney Local Board
  Territorial AuthorityAuckland Council
  Total69.17 km2 (26.71 sq mi)
 (June 2021)[2]
  Density83/km2 (210/sq mi)

'Dairy Flat' lies within the Rodney ward on State Highway 1 and the former State Highway 17.[3][4]

There is a small village shopping centre and the Dairy Flat Primary School. A major facility is the North Shore Aerodrome owned and operated by the North Shore Aero Club.[citation needed] In addition to aero club and private aircraft, the field is used by Barrier Air to run a scheduled air service in passenger aircraft to Great Barrier Island, some 40 nautical miles (75 km) offshore of the coast.

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