Dale Launer

Dale Launer (born May 19, 1952) is an American comedy screenwriter. His films include Ruthless People, Blind Date, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and My Cousin Vinny.


Launer was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and brought up in the San Fernando valley.[1] He is Jewish.[2] He attended California State University, Northridge,[1] where, after changing his major to Film,[3] he recognised his desire for a job writing and directing films. His first successful screenplay was Ruthless People (1986).

In May 2007, his film Tom's Nu Heaven,[4] which he produced, wrote and directed, won Best Picture at the Monaco Film Festival.

Launer was friends with the family of murderer Elliot Rodger. At the behest of Rodger's father, Launer attempted to advise Rodger on how to be more confident with women. After Rodger's death, Launer wrote an article for the BBC about his experience.[5]



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