Danubian Sich

The Danubian Sich (Ukrainian: Задунайська Сiч) was an organization of the part of former Zaporozhian Cossacks who settled in the territory of the Ottoman Empire (the Danube Delta, hence the name) after their previous host was disbanded and the Zaporizhian Sich was destroyed.

Metropolitan bishop of Proilava (Brăila)

In 1863 Semen Hulak-Artemovsky wrote his libretto Zaporozhets za Dunayem in Saint Petersburg to commemorate the exodus of Zaporizhian Cossacks to the Danube, an area of Silistra Eyalet. The Cossacks were protecting the Metropolitan bishop of Brăila who serviced the area of Budjak and Yedisan (Ottoman Ukraine) and was titled as Metropolitan bishop of all Ukraine.[1]