Dauphin of France

Dauphin of France (/ˈdɔːfɪn/, also UK: /dɔːˈfɪn, ˈdfæ̃/ US: /ˈdfɪn, dˈfæ̃/; French: Dauphin de France [dofɛ̃ də fʁɑ̃s] (listen)), originally Dauphin of Viennois (Dauphin de Viennois), was the title given to the heir apparent to the throne of France from 1350 to 1791 and 1824 to 1830.[1] The word dauphin is French for dolphin. At first the heirs were granted the County of Viennois (Dauphiné) to rule, but eventually only the title was granted.

Coat of arms of the Dauphin of France.
Arms of the Dauphin of France, depicting the fleur-de-lis and the dolphin.