David Steinberger

David Steinberger is an American businessman, publishing executive, current Chairman of the National Book Foundation,[1] and Executive Chairman of Open Road Integrated Media Inc. His career has involved the acquisition,[2][3][4][5] management and sale[6][7] of a number of publishers and publishing-related companies as well as the application of digital technologies to publishing companies.[8][9][10][11] He previously served as CEO of Arcadia Publishing[12] and CEO of the Perseus Books Group,[2] following leadership roles at Harper Collins..[13][14] In January 2021 he announced a succession plan at Arcadia, handing over day-to-day management to a successor and moving to Arcadia's board of directors.[15] In December 2021, Steinberger led an investor group in the acquisition of Open Road Integrated Media inc., which utilizes data science technology to market eBooks, with Steinberger being named Executive Chairman, along with the role of CEO to be added in January 2022.[16]

American Publishing Executive David Steinberger

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