December 2002 Serbian presidential election

The Serbian presidential election, held on December 8, 2002, was a repeat of the first presidential election of that year, which was invalidated because the turnout during that round was less than 50% of all eligible voters. The legal requirement of a turnout of at least 50% of registered voters was dropped for the second round of this election, also as a result of the invalidation.

Summary of the December, 2002 Serbian presidential election results[1]
Candidates Nominating parties Votes %
Vojislav Koštunica Democratic Party of Serbia-New Serbia 1,699,098 57.66
Vojislav Šešelj Serbian Radical Party-Socialist Party of Serbia 1,063,296 36.08
Borislav Pelević Party of Serbian Unity 103,926 3.53
Invalid 80,396 2.73
Total 2.946.000 100.0
Turnout 45.17
Source: CeSID
Serbian presidential election

 2002 (Sep–Oct) December 8, 2002 2003 
Candidate Vojislav Koštunica Vojislav Šešelj
Popular vote 1.695.000 (first round) 1.068.000 (first round)
Percentage 57,5% 36,3%

President before election

Milan Milutinović

Elected President

Nataša Mićić (acting)

This ballot, however, was also declared invalid because the turnout of the first round failed to reach the 50% turnout requirement. By the time the 2004 Serbian presidential election was held, this requirement was removed altogether.