December 2013 Kinshasa attacks

Attacks in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, were launched by supporters of religious leader Paul Joseph Mukungubila against television studios, the airport and a military base in the capital on 30 December 2013.[1] The state security forces responded, killing around 54 of the attackers. An additional 47 of Mukungubila's supporters were killed in separate clashes in the cities of Lubumbashi and Kolwezi and around 100 people were arrested.[2]

December 2013 Kinshasa attacks

N'djili Airport
Date30 December 2013
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Result Government forces regain control of area
Supporters of Paul Joseph Mukungubila

Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo security forces

Casualties and losses
103 killed, 100 arrested One soldier killed, one UN civilian wounded

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