Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro

The Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Demokratska partija socijalista Crne Gore / Демократска партија социјалиста Црне Горе, DPS) is a major opposition catch-all and a populist[2] political party in Montenegro. The party was formed in 22 June 1991 as the successor of the League of Communists of Montenegro, which had governed Montenegro within the Yugoslav federation since World War II.

Democratic Party of Socialists
Demokratska partija socijalista
Демократска партија социјалиста
PresidentMilo Đukanović[1]
Vice PresidentsIvan Vuković
Sanja Damjanović
General SecretaryPredrag Bošković
Political DirectorDuško Marković
FoundersMomir Bulatović
Milo Đukanović
Svetozar Marović
Founded22 June 1991
Preceded byLeague of Communists
IdeologyMontenegrin nationalism[2][3]
Pro-Europeanism (partly)[8][9]
Serbian-Montenegrin unionism
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
Political positionBig tent[10][11][a]
European affiliationParty of European Socialists (associate member)
International affiliationProgressive Alliance[12]
Socialist International[13]
Colours  Purple   Gold
29 / 81
Local Parliaments
309 / 786
Party flag

^ a: DPS has been a catch-all party since its formation, however it has been described as left-wing[14] until 1997, and after that as centre-left[15][16][17] or centrist[18] with some right-wing, populist and ethnic nationalist[19][20] factions.

Since its formation and the introduction of a multi-party system, the DPS has played a dominant role in Montenegrin politics, forming the backbone of every coalition government until 2020, when it entered the opposition in the aftermath of the 2020 parliamentary elections. This marked the first time since 1945 that the party (including its predecessor incarnation) had not been in power. The current President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović is the member of the party, including the former Prime Minister Duško Marković.

The DPS is internationally affiliated with the Socialist International and Progressive Alliance, and is an associate of the Party of European Socialists.