Denmark–Kosovo relations

Danish–Kosovan relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Kosovo[a]. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008 and Denmark recognized it on 21 February 2008.[1] Ambassador of Denmark to Kosovo, subordinate to the embassy in Vienna, Austria from 6 March 2008.[2]

Danish–Kosovan relations




Denmark contributed up to 308 soldiers to the NATO-led Kosovo Force. In November 2010, a 152-member unit remained in the force.[3]

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a. ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008. Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the 2013 Brussels Agreement. Kosovo is currently (this note self-updates) recognized as an independent state by 98 out of the 193 United Nations member states. In total, 113 UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 15 later withdrew their recognition.


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