Department of Education (Northern Ireland)

The Department of Education (DENI) (Irish: An Roinn Oideachais; Ulster-Scots: Männystrie o Lear)[3] is a devolved Northern Irish government department in the Northern Ireland Executive. The minister with overall responsibility for the department is the Minister of Education. The current Minister of Education is Michelle McIlveen as of 14 June 2021.

Department of Education
Irish: An Roinn Oideachais;
Ulster-Scots: Männystrie o Lear
Department overview
FormedJune 1921 (as Ministry of Education)
Preceding Department
JurisdictionNorthern Ireland
HeadquartersRathgael House, Balloo Road, Bangor, Co. Down, BT19 7PR
Employees609 (September 2011)[1]
Annual budget£1,894.6 million (current) & £114.7 million (capital) for 2011–12[2]
Minister responsible

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