Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

A Deputy Governor of the Bank of England is the holder of one of a small number of senior positions at the Bank of England, reporting directly to the Governor.

According to the original charter of 27 July 1694 the Bank's affairs would be supervised by a Governor, the Deputy Governor and 24 directors. [1] Since then, however, the role of Deputy Governor has been split and redefined three times (by the Bank of England Act 1998, the Financial Services Act 2012 and again in 2014), such that, as of May 2016, there are four Deputy Governors (Sir Jon Cunliffe, Ben Broadbent, Sam Woods and Sir David Ramsden).[2] They have special responsibility for financial stability, monetary policy, prudential regulation and markets and banking respectively. In 2013, the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) was created and has the same status and remuneration as a Deputy Governor.[3]

Under Schedule 1 of the Bank of England Act 1998 (as amended), Deputy Governors are appointed for five year terms, and are term-limited to two terms.

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