Derby della Capitale

The Derby della Capitale (English: Derby of the capital city), also known as Derby Capitolino and Derby del Cupolone, as well as The Rome Derby in English and Derby di Roma in Italian, is the football local derby in Rome, Italy, between Lazio and Roma. It is considered to be one of the fiercest intra-city derbies in the country, along with the other major local derbies, Derby della Madonnina (Milan derby) and Derby della Mole (Turin derby), and one of the greatest and hotly contested derbies in Europe.[1]

Derby della Capitale
Players from both Lazio and Roma observing a moment of silence for the victims of the L'Aquila earthquake before the 11 April 2009 match.
Other namesRome Derby
LocaleRome, Italy
First meetingLazio 0–1 Roma
Serie A
(8 December 1929)
Latest meetingRoma 2–0 Lazio
Serie A
(15 May 2021)
StadiumsStadio Olimpico
Meetings totalOfficial matches: 176
Unofficial matches: 16
Total matches: 192
Most winsOfficial matches: Roma (66)
Unofficial matches: Lazio (7)
Total matches: Roma (72)
Most player appearancesFrancesco Totti (44)
Top scorerDino da Costa
Francesco Totti
(11 each)
Largest victoryRoma 5–0 Lazio
Serie A
(1 November 1933)