Dictys Cretensis

Dictys Cretensis, i.e. Dictys of Crete (/ˈdɪktɪs krˈtɛnzɪs/, Classical Latin: [ˈdɪktʏs kreːˈtẽːsɪs]; Ancient Greek: Δίκτυς ὁ Κρής) of Knossos was a legendary companion of Idomeneus during the Trojan War, and the purported author of a diary of its events, that deployed some of the same materials worked up by Homer for the Iliad. The story of his journal, an amusing fiction addressed to a knowledgeable Alexandrian audience, came to be taken literally during Late Antiquity.

The beginning of the «Ephemeris belli Troiani» ascribed to Dictys Cretensis in a manuscript of the Abbey of Saint Gall: St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 197, page 1 (late 9th century)

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