Die Rote Fahne

Die Rote Fahne (German: [diː ˈʁoːtə ˈfaːnə], The Red Flag) was a German newspaper originally founded in 1876 by Socialist Worker's party leader Wilhelm Hasselmann,[1] and which has been since published on and off, at times underground,[2] by German Socialists and Communists. Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg famously published it in 1918[3] as organ of the Spartacus League.[4]

Following the deaths of Liebknecht and Luxemburg during the chancellorship of the Social Democratic Party of Germany's Friedrich Ebert,[5][6] the newspaper was published, with interruptions, by the Communist Party of Germany.[7][8] Proscribed by the National Socialist Worker's Party government of Adolf Hitler after 1933,[9] publication continued illegally, underground.[10]