Diomedes Soter

Diomedes Soter or Diodotus (Greek: Διομήδης ὁ Σωτήρ; epithet means "the Saviour") was an Indo-Greek king and possible claimant Greco-Bactrian King who may have attempted to reconquer the lands north of the Hindu Kush. The places where his coins have been found seem to indicate that his rule was based in the area of the Paropamisadae, possibly with temporary dominions further east. Judging from their similar portraits and many overlapping monograms, the young Diomedes seems to have been the heir (and probably a relative) of Philoxenus, the last king to rule before the kingdom of Menander I finally fragmented.

Diomedes Soter
Coin of Diodotus ‘Diomedes’
Indo-Greek king
Reign95–90 BCE
Indian standard coin of Diodotus.