Directorate (Russia)

The Directorate (Kerensky Second Government) was the short-lived transitional government of Russia during the Russian Revolution. It consisted of five main ministers and lasted for about three weeks.

Kerensky Second Government

11th Cabinet of Russia
Date formed14 September 1917
Date dissolved7 November 1917
People and organisations
Head of stateGrand Duke Michael (conditionally)
Alexander Kerensky (de facto)
Head of governmentAlexander Kerensky
Member partySocialist-Revolutionaries
Status in legislatureCoalition
Opposition cabinetExecutive Committee of Petrograd Soviet
Opposition partyRSDLP
Opposition leaderNikolay Chkheidze / Leon Trotsky
Incoming formationKerensky I
Outgoing formationLenin
PredecessorAlexander Kerensky
SuccessorVladimir Lenin

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