Disability rights movement

The disability rights movement is a global[1][2] social movement that seeks to secure equal opportunities and equal rights for all people with disabilities.

Disability flag, a flag representing the rights of people with disabilities.

It is made up of organizations of disability activists, also known as disability advocates, around the world working together with similar goals and demands, such as: accessibility and safety in architecture, transportation, and the physical environment; equal opportunities in independent living, employment equity, education, and housing; and freedom from discrimination, abuse, neglect, and from other rights violations.[3] Disability activists are working to break institutional, physical, and societal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from living their lives like other citizens.[3][4]

Disability rights is complex because there are multiple ways in which a person with a disability can have their rights violated in different socio-political, cultural, and legal contexts. For example, in modern times, a common barrier that individuals with disabilities face deals with employment. Specifically, employers’ are often unwilling or unable to provide the necessary accommodations to enable individuals' with disabilities to effectively carryout their job functions.[5]

When having a discussion about the needs of persons with disabilities, disability activists note that solutions include persons with disabilities as active participants, at least to some extent. Current systems exist that involve third party involvement, such as mental rehabilitation and legal advocacy, but few of these methods include empowering this group to be self-sufficient.