Discrimination against gay men

Discrimination against gay men, sometimes called gayphobia, is a form of homophobic prejudice, hatred, or bias specifically directed toward gay men, male homosexuality, or men who are perceived to be gay.[1][2][3][4] This discrimination is closely related to femmephobia, which is the dislike of, or hostility toward, individuals who present as feminine, including gay and effeminate men.[5] Discrimination against gay men can result from prejudicial reactions to one's feminine mannerisms, styles of clothing, and even vocal register.[6][7][8] Within the LGBT-community, internalized issues around meeting social expectations of masculinity have been found among gay, bisexual, and transgender men.[9]

Grave for Daniel Zamudio, a 24-year old Chilean man who was beaten and tortured for several hours in downtown Santiago by a neo-Nazi gang, who attacked him after learning he was gay