Dolby Stereo

Dolby Stereo is a sound format made by Dolby Laboratories. There are two basic Dolby Stereo systems: the Dolby SVA (stereo variable-area) 1976 system used with optical sound tracks on 35mm film, and Dolby Stereo 70mm which refers to Dolby noise reduction on 6-channel magnetic soundtracks on 70mm prints.

Dolby Stereo
Product typeSound format
Surround sound
OwnerDolby Laboratories
CountryUnited States
Related brandsDolby Digital
Previous ownersUltra Stereo
WebsiteDolby official website

Dolby SVA was adapted for home use in 1982 as Dolby Surround when HiFi capable consumer VCRs were introduced, and further improved in 1987 with the Dolby Pro Logic decoding system (see the Dolby Surround/Dolby Pro Logic (home decoders) section).

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