Dongo conflict

The Dongo conflict was a minor conflict centered in the town of Dongo, on the left bank of the Ubangi River in Sud-Ubangi District, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Violence initially broke out in late October 2009 after a local dispute over fishing rights. This destabilised the region and led to a spiral of violence, and an exodus of civilians attempting to flee from the fighting. By December 2009, this conflict was one of the biggest conflicts of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) and the United Nations; more than 168,000 people had fled their homes, many of them crossing into the neighbouring Republic of the Congo. An intervention by the Congolese army and MONUC brought the conflict to an end by 13 December 2009.

Dongo conflict
Date30 October – 13 December 2009

Lobala rebels

Resistance Patriots of Dongo

 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supported by:
 Rwanda (alleged)
Commanders and leaders
Udjani Mangbama
Ambroise Lobala Mokobe
Joseph Kabila
Casualties and losses
~100 killed in total
168,000 civilians displaced

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