A doosra is a particular type of delivery by an off-spin bowler in the sport of cricket. The doosra spins in the opposite direction to an off break (the off-spinner's default delivery), and aims to confuse the batsman into playing an unavoidable shot.

Doosra means ’(the) second (one)’, or ’(the) other (one)’ in Urdu/Hindi.[1][2]

The delivery was invented by Pakistani domestic cricketer Prince Aslam Khan[3] and popularised by Pakistani international cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq. A variety of bowlers have made considerable use of the doosra in international cricket. Users include Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan, Indian Harbhajan Singh, and South African Johan Botha. Other Pakistanis who use it include Shoaib Malik and Saeed Ajmal. Most bowlers, such as Johan Botha and Shane Shillingford, are not allowed to bowl doosras because, when they do so, their bowling actions are illegal as when they straighten their arms it's more than 15°.

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