Drawbridge (company)

Drawbridge is a people-based identity management company[6] operating out of San Mateo, California, USA. Drawbridge has built a people-based identity graph[7] and cross-device advertising platform that specializes in using machine learning to match individuals across connected devices, including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs,[8] in order to serve more relevant ads across devices.

Drawbridge, Inc.
Type of businessPrivately held company
United States[1]
Area servedGlobal
Founder(s)Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan
Key peopleKamakshi Sivaramakrishnan (CEO)
Devin Guan (CTO)[2]
Dave Zinman (COO)[3]
Matt Gallatin (CFO)[4]
Jodi Garg (CPO)[5]
IndustryMarketing Technology

The company received a patent for its "system to group internet devices based upon device usage" in 2016[9] and a patent for "system and method for determining related digital identities" in 2019.[10]

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