Duchy of Berg

Berg was a state—originally a county, later a duchy—in the Rhineland of Germany. Its capital was Düsseldorf. It existed as a distinct political entity from the early 12th to the 19th centuries.

County (Duchy) of Berg
Grafschaft (Herzogtum) Berg (de)
Graafschap (Hertogdom) Berg (nl)
Map of the Lower Rhenish–Westphalian Circle around 1560, Duchy of Berg highlighted in red
Common languagesGerman
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Duke of Berg 
Wilhelm II (first duke)
Napoléon Louis Bonaparte (Grand Duke)
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Emergence from Lotharingia
 Split with County of Mark
 United with County of Jülich
 United with County of Mark and Duchy of Cleves
1609 and 1690
 Awarded to Prussia
9 June 1815
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Prussia

The name of the county lives on in the modern geographic term Bergisches Land, often misunderstood as bergiges Land (hilly country).

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