Duke of Argyll

Duke of Argyll (Scottish Gaelic: Diùc Earraghàidheil) is a title created in the peerage of Scotland in 1701 and in the peerage of the United Kingdom in 1892. The earls, marquesses, and dukes of Argyll were for several centuries among the most powerful noble families in Scotland. As such, they played a major role in Scottish history throughout the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The Duke of Argyll also holds the hereditary titles of chief of Clan Campbell and Master of the Household of Scotland.

Dukedom of Argyll
Quarterly, 1st & 4th: Gyronny of eight or and sable (Campbell); 2nd & 3rd: Argent, a lymphad or ancient galley sails furled flags and pennants flying gules and oars in action sable (Lorne).[1]
Creation date21 June 1701
Created byWilliam of Orange
PeeragePeerage of Scotland
First holderArchibald Campbell, 10th Earl of Argyll
Present holderTorquhil Campbell, 13th Duke
Heir apparentArchie Campbell, Marquess of Lorne
Remainder tothe 1st Duke's heirs male whomsoever[2][3]
Subsidiary titlesMarquess of Kintyre and Lorne
Earl of Argyll
Earl of Campbell and Cowal
Viscount of Lochaw and Glenyla
Lord Campbell
Lord Lorne
Lord Kintyre
Lord Inveraray, Mull, Morvern, and Tiree
Baron Sundridge
Baron Hamilton
Seat(s)Inveraray Castle
Former seat(s)Argyll's Lodging
Castle Campbell
Ardencaple Castle

Since 2001, Torquhil Campbell has been Duke of Argyll and is the thirteenth man to hold the title.

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