ETOPS (/ˈtɒps/) is an acronym for Extended-range Twin-engine Operations Performance Standards – special part of flight rules for one-engine inoperative flight conditions. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) coined the acronym for Extended Twin Operations for twin-engine aircraft operation further than one hour from a diversion airport at the one-engine inoperative cruise speed, over water or remote lands, on routes previously restricted to three- and four-engine aircraft.[1] The ICAO issues Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) for ETOPS, and ETOPS were extended to four-engine aircraft like the Boeing 747-8 and the terminology updated to EDTO – Extended Diversion Time Operations.

The difference between an ETOPS-enabled shorter flight path (the solid green line) and a flight path for non-ETOPS aeroplane (the dashed blue line), the last one is curved due to the required distance to alternates

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